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Thread: Advanced: Name Spoofer Tutorial

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    Default Advanced: Name Spoofer Tutorial

    Name Spoofer Tutorial

    Teh second tut by OverFlow636


    A name spoofer is a program that you can use to control your name while in games and or game lobbies. The concept behind this hack is simple, find where your name is stored and change it, the hard part is where you want to do other options like let people use color without being color banned and have your record not get disconnects on it.


    Open starcraft, login to bnet, then minimize and open up artmoney. Search for your login name, you will notice that there is a whole bunch of them. Now we are ready to find the name spoofer offset. What Dragon484 did in his tutorial was replace each of the names with a number. And log the offsets
    1ragon484 - B0700B4
    2ragon484 - 19033310
    3ragon484 - 190335A8
    and so on..
    When you enter the game, notice the number mine happened to be 2ragon484. So I know that the 19033310(not 1.11b offset) is the offset for spoofing.

    -First Test

    Once you have found offset, or once they change the name at the offset I gave them. Join a game. If everyone can see your spoofed name then your good. For the hard options search for your name again, but this time more results will come up.


    You will notice a list of names under text AU_PLAYERNAME, this is the most important part of the ?hard? part of message spoofers. Once you have entered the lobby you must set your name address back to your real name along with find your name under this section and change it back also. If you want to add the option to your spoofer to protect people who use it from other people in the games color spoofing, filter all color characters from names on enter lobby. this section is dynamic


    If you?re the host of the lobby your testing in you may find text above your name that says this. This is also really important. There will only be text at this address when you are in a lobby or in a game, hint, hint. This address must be set back to your real name on enter lobby also.this section is dynamic


    There are other things to consider like timing, If your spoofer allows color name spoofing it must write your fake name to the name address after joining a channel. If it is set before channel join then you get color banned.

    This tutorial is hard cause you have to know what your doing inorder to find the pointers required to make this hack easyer.

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    hey please help me. when i try to find process in artmoney it says "process not found" help me pls!!!!
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    I replied to this exact same query you posted in Viper's thread. Do not spam the tutorial threads with questions that have been asked and answered long before your arrival.
    The Ultimate Guide Thread
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    Maybe he will listen this time, dyndrilliac.

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    New VB. New bots. New language.
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    Thanks for the great offer but I'm not in need of this.
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    whoa, where's the staff?

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    Everytime I see Mookster appearing I know he have slept with dt/otaku/another cat last night. Just look at his face.

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