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Thread: Basic VB Stuff - String Manipulation, Variables, If Statments, For Statments.

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    You guys forgot XOR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyndrilliac View Post
    Keep in mind that on most of the string manipulation functions (not all) you can trail them with a $. This is not just for the substring functions. The $ tells the compiler they return a string instead of a variant, which makes the program run faster theoretically.
    I have to add that they are called cast and all variable type have one.

    they are used like so : 14& cast the number to a long
    14.00# cast the decimal to a single

    VB has couple bitwise operator too:

    Xor, And, Or

    Msgbox 2 Xor 7
    Msgbox 2 And 7
    Msgbox 2 Or 7

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