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Thread: Bnet Accounts

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    LeeV18. (with a period) in all server.

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    Default NUKKA

    Yoooooo somebody HIT me up if you got melee/TvB/Fastest skills!!
    I play low too if that's how you roll.

    USwest: 5y4nyd3 -Fastest account- 1550ish-300
    wtfisjuice - low money account- 130-70
    psy0nyd3 - Old fastest account- 600-300

    USeast: 5y4nyd3 -Fastest- like uh 15-4
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    Started back up, Names [email protected]!

    Dont forget to +Rep people!
    500 Posts 08/11/2008

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    Yo hit me up I'm usually chillin in channel op gamethreat, away from all the bots...
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    O! i seem to have forgotten where i live!


    im pretty sure the bots know about that channel.
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