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Thread: Use gmail to aggregate torrents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamepin126 View Post
    If they are 50 bytes each and you have 6,717,000,000 bytes then that's like 134,000k messages not 500k

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    Oh, I see. You thought that I did the math and was not just throwing out some large number. It all makes sense, now.
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    Since the other numbers you cited in relation were accurate and valid, yes.

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    I just tried this out with google reader, and I gotta say it's pretty sweet =) thanks!
    What's confusing me though is that if I search for something that isn't even on the RSS feed it'll still show up in google reader. Like, let's say I just subscribed the pirate bay's RSS feed. It only has like 11 items. But when I search for something, it brings up much more than that.

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    im doing this with a gmail and its perfect, the search is awesome and right on
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