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Thread: Inhale MASM Template

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    Default Inhale MASM Template

    Inhale MASM Template for 1.2.9

    Some improvements that dt took the time to code in iNHALE are...
    1. Improved Chat Command Registration (structs free)
    2. UniText (channel/lobby/game)
    3. *NEW* Hotkey support for External Plugins

    If you are a developer and you don't know/like C++ here is the MASM Template

    Download Link:

    Copy-Paste Version
    ; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ; by bulk_4me ([email protected])
    ; For use with the Inhale API 1.2.9 by dt
    ; Special thanks to dt for his time, during the creation
    ; of this include. Thanks to indulgence for his collaboration
    ; and tips.
    ; "if you use the updated lib - you must use the updated dll"
    ; USAGE:
    ; Include
    ; IncludeLib Inhale.lib
    ; Register hotkey
    RegisterHotkey PROTO keycode:DWORD, context:BOOL, function:DWORD, description:DWORD
    ; Register chat command
    RegisterChatCommand PROTO command:DWORD, parameters:BOOL, function:DWORD, inChannel:BOOL, inLobby:BOOL, inGame:BOOL
    ; universal client-side text function (channel, lobby and game)
    UniText PROTO :DWORD
    You are free to post errors, suggestions in this thread and give me +1 rep points.

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    Plants vs. Zombies? That doesn't look like a tutorial for inhale...

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    r e t a r d ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Voice Of Korhal View Post
    Let us hope so, if that Reverse Engineering crap actually works, I'll be amazed.

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