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    What are you guys doing for a living after all this time? Currently working in IT but I'm looking to break into software or analytics if anyone has some advice on changing careers or getting into these fields. Through covid I took some elective software/statistical courses at uni and hoping to finish up soon. Looking back at this place, I wonder if there is a correlation of people on this forum and their respective careers.

    P.S I hate this username but I guess we make some dumb decisions as a kid.

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    Working in semiconductor for the Taiwanese for the last 7 years and I want to murder myself in minecraft. Looking to get into another field by this time next year, but I'll be damned if I spend another waking fucking minute in any kind of educational institution. So, its gonna be a challenge if I don't want a pay cut (which I can't afford to take).

    I would bet most of the good ol' boys around here are in some kind of tech or smart guy job. While most kids were making poor decisions, we were waging war on each other and de-compiling computer programs.

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    I started a computer repair shop close to 9 years ago that has been pretty successful.

    I still haven't ever owned an el camino.
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    Most of us probably work in something adjacent to IT. When I started posting on back in aught 2 I had just dropped out of college to take a job as a designer and web dev for a small firm, which evolved into ecommerce for prescription drugs before there were more laws for that sort of thing. Then I fixed cell phones for a while. Then through a series of weird events I fell into owning a computer repair shop and helped run another business in the same building, which dealt with industrial valves. Now I'm CTO at a company that sells commercial HVAC and building automation stuff, and valves. Probably going to go into analytics/other data stuff next because that's just about the only thing about this gig that keeps me interested.

    I do miss working with my hands though :( ripping apart laptops and fluxing capacitors all day was relaxing
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