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Thread: My little coding thread

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    1.12b, maybe one day I will move up

    Got the refresh working great, stats hack is done!!

    Fiddled with the ally function and got bored... Moved on to playing with the issue command function. I found, more or less, the case function. I can catch the commands for move, stop, gather, build, etc. I can also change the type of unit that is being placed when you have selected a building, but it may or may not actually place. I tried placing a mineral field with no luck :D

    I haven't come across the actual command to go and gather the minerals. I can get as far as breaking on the function that waits for the user to click the mineral field. I would guess the command I am looking for would have the X,Y for the mineral field in the registry or stack somewhere??

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    Jig, I want to attempt hacking the remastered and see if we can get some traffic coming back through this place!

    Should I stick to 32-bit or is 64-bit more attractive? I'll be working with v1.23.3

    What should I know going into this?

    Well I couldn't get Olydbg to attach to the 32 bit version so I tried x32dbg and was able to do some poking around. The game crashed from setting breakpoints though and the memory seems to actively change what addresses store X data. I'm in over my head Jig sos
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