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Thread: Finally, I'm able to explain the BWH experience.

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    Default Finally, I'm able to explain the BWH experience.

    The BWH experience is basically a support forum for newbies. I experienced the same when I visit the counter-strike steam support forum.

    Everyday, people are asking what's wrong with their computer, why are they banned in the game for using hacks, some curse and swear, some random topics, and so on. Flame wars happened, insults happened, some serious discussions happened. The experience is exactly the same as BWH. A few senior members grew in that community and began to insult the newbies. There are new moderators chosen to help close or move the topics. Some mods were trolls and some have retired.

    If you love to flame newbies and wish to experience part of BWH, do visit steam support forums of popular games. Valve will probably promote you to a moderator too.
    However, nothing can ever replace BWH. It's run by dt, llafnwod, LCS, DSG, hellbound, banana, gamepin and so on. It's special because you guys are special.

    Like what dt said, a forum will not survive without that killer app. It makes sense now, there is no reason for a support forum to exist if not the game itself.

    To make BWH busy again, it needs to become a support forum for games. A lot of change is needed. archiving, new sections, a few chats or topic move to create keywords and links.
    Make it such where user search for "How do I win this game <title>" BWH will be in the top 5 google links and there will be solutions or chat topics related to his search.

    BWH provides a chaotic experience and the more mature are given recognition. With endless new topics everyday, it's actually fun, but we somehow need that group of newbies to fuel it.
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    Admins do let me know if you agree with this and wish to make a big change. I'll help to propose the steps.

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    sounds like work
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