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Thread: Who else saw that Patch 1.18 was out and came straight here?

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    Default Who else saw that Patch 1.18 was out and came straight here?

    Missed you guys

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    yeah just figured i cant handle the game without selection hack and map hack. hurry guys ^^

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    zynastors oblivion wont load, they changed something in the installation feels bad man
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    True. Can't make anything on my own, can't win any games without hacks. I leech all day, I have even downloaded a hack by Promasser once.
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    So, yeah, banged Lindsay's mom.

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    SC crashes when Cheat Engine scans and closes when a debugger attaches - ohnoes!

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    I was here, keeping things running so you all could have this experience. Welcome back guys, it's great to see StarCraft alive again.

    And for the record StarCraft has a new anti cheat and protection, it's likely going to be a little while if anybody bothers.
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