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Thread: SC BW Invisible/Cloak hack?

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    Default SC BW Invisible/Cloak hack?

    Anyone tried rolling through the unit structure, locating the BOOL or FLAG for cloaked/stealth and trying to apply it to all units. Kind of like how with an Arbiter you can cloak zlots, probes, etc... but use a patch to apply flag to all units? I would test this myself if anyone has the current offset to the Linked List containing the UNIT Struct?

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    Won't work. It won't be set this way on the other game clients.

    Best case is your units will appear invisible only to you. Worst case, you'll desync.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perma View Post
    Best case is your units will appear invisible only to you.
    Sounds good to me! Who cares what others think of my units, it is my opinion that matters the most!
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    The Emperor's New Units cheat: tell the other players that your units are only visible to people who are unfit for their rank and hopelessly stupid. Then they'll pretend to not see them or else you'll know they're unfit and stupid.
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    Being invisible in the game is all good and dandy, but isn't there a hack available where you can control the other players units.
    Makes an invisible hack futile since the intent of the hack user of such invisible hack is to win the game, so if a hack already exists to which one can control other units, it would seem better to use that hack than that of one which makes you invisible.

    Pretty sure I tested a hack where the programmer controlled my units. Don't know if this went public though.

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