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Thread: Can someone help me with a shoes question?

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    Default Can someone help me with a shoes question?

    which is the best website to buy discount shoes from? I need several pairs of the shoes for some school children I have pledged to supply cloths and shoes to and would like to save as much money so I could get more shoes. How do I determine the quality of the shoes?

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    This went from fun to annoying. Now you're not even trying to act like a bot by posting an obscure quote about shoes to and linking to some Russian shoe website. You're just flooding with questions about shoes, which is cool, but they're not funny questions like "If I run in running shoes, will I be able to walk on water with water shoes?"

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    In these uncertain economic times, it makes more sense than ever to find a custom shoemaker whom you can trust.
    Quote Originally Posted by ston3rpimp69
    trash hole ha ha jokes on u cuz im polishing my crest kids oral hygiene trophy right now. maybe if they invented a pillow case that cleans ur teeth when u bite it u would have a clean mouth too. get on my fukcin level.

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