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    are childrens foot wear designed to be safer then normal shoes? I read the specification on a e-shop that mention the shoes help prevent injury compared to other children shoes thus making me consult a second opinion regarding the topic as I didn’t understand how they could do so.

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    Have your kids wear leather shoes - uppers AND soles - when you take them on a plane. Rubber melts in a fire.
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    trash hole ha ha jokes on u cuz im polishing my crest kids oral hygiene trophy right now. maybe if they invented a pillow case that cleans ur teeth when u bite it u would have a clean mouth too. get on my fukcin level.

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    Also, clown shoes tend to make a good stand in for when you can't find all leather shoes.
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    today many e-shops will provide the cash on delivery option to local residence but you still need to search for them. One could also use PayPal and other online money transfer accounts to make the payments as they have been noted to be growing and more sites are including the option.

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