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    how do I go about insuring I get kids shoes I buy online in whole sale? I am getting the shoes at a great discount but am not sure how to insure the product will be shipped to me. There is also a large amount of money involved thus leading me to think twice regarding the transaction.

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    Hello and welcome to Gamethreat: Mecca of Shoes!

    If you're wanting to insure your shoes, I believe home owner's insurance is the only way to get them covered, and that's only if they are located in your home when catastrophe strikes.

    If you're just a big ol' dummy and meant you want to ensure the product will be shipped to you, be sure to enter your correct shipping address in the appropriate field(s) when ordering shoes online.

    Also I just Googled 'shoes' and we are not on the front page of results yet. We need to work on that.
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    Some mod please add the "shoes" tag to this post.

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    parenting tips and guilds are readily available on the internet if you have some time to search for them. Basically you will need to keep checking the shoes every few weeks to make sure there is still room for the toes since lack of room space could result in bent toes on a child.

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    Bent toes? Sounds pretty terrible, once again I would recommend clown shoes, plenty of space for toes to grow into.
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