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Thread: Free 1 Month MLG Silver Membership just in time for MLG Raleigh

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    Default Free 1 Month MLG Silver Membership just in time for MLG Raleigh

    You know what to do. According to this post, you can actually do this multiple times with different email addresses and get even longer membership lol.
    Note: You do not need a Facebook account to do this.
    1. Go to
    2. Press "Get a FREE Code Here" and enter in your email.
    3. In about 5-15 minutes you should receive an email with your code.
    4. Go back to and press "Enter Now".
    5. Enter in real or fake information for the next part. Your email has to be real however.
    6. Enter the code in from your email and press start and then press open on the microwave.
    7. After about 5-20 minutes you should receive an email about a free month of MLG.
    8. Copy the code from the email and use the code at
    9. You now have a free month of MLG Silver!
    10. You can do this multiple times with different emails. You can apply all the codes to the same account. After using your code, your account membership should update in about an hour, so don't worry about when it says your current term ends.

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