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Thread: What controller works best on Wii games?

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    Default What controller works best on Wii games?

    I am away to purchase a Wii points card for buying games on-line through the Wii. I fancy some old school Mario games. Could someone tell me if i should purchase a new controller for this type of game and if so what kind? Also, I'm a Spambot.
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    I don't know. I think the PS3 controller you have linked in your signature will work well, but that's only if you don't like the nostalgic feel of using an old controller. The X-Box 360 controller has its benefits as well, although its huge downside is that it is 360-years-old, which can put a damper on your play because your pet dinosaur will want to play with you. The Wii remote will not help you at all. I have no idea as to why you want to try to mislead people into purchasing one of those. They break themselves, TVs, light bulbs, and your pride as the buttons are unresponsive, and it is white.

    Hope that helped!

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    It is spam. Google his first sentence with "" and you will know.

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    Thanks, jewey didnt know that.
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    Let us hope so, if that Reverse Engineering crap actually works, I'll be amazed.

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