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>>Megapack<<: Every single gamesave for brutal missions, mission achievements, challenges and feats of strength in this thread in one download.

In patch 1.2.2, loading saves in older SC versions is supposed to work again, so these should always be available.

All feats of strength now also added.

>>25 Brutal, Hard, Normal missions complete<< (TO_slide) Complete the mission then play any other mission on any difficulty and you'll get all of these achievements.

Brutal Campaign

>>Brutal Campaign Saves Download<< (Compiled by XiIVcDeI)

This includes a gamesave for every mission. Save them all to your C:\Users\Documents\StarCraftII\Accounts\*account name*\Saves\Campaign then load them one by one and complete each mission. They're all saved very close to the end. This also includes a gamesave for 'Hurry Up, It's Raid Night' and a save towards the end with 2mill cash to spend on Armory upgrades for those achievements.

Mission Achievements

This is a list of each individual mission achievements for doing bonus objectives. (Compiled by Moody512)

Colonist Missions

The Evacuation:
Handled With Care (Psyfe)
Sacrifice Nothing (TO_slide)

28 Minutes Later (quaren)
Army of Darkness (Moody512) Use the Banshees to destroy all the buildings. Should be doable before cloak runs out.

Safe Haven:
You Shall Not Pass (quaren)
My Precious! (Moody512)

Haven's Fall:
Outpatient (Tommos)
House Call (Tommos)

Covert Missions

The Devil's Playground:
Red Lobster (Psyfe)
Reaper Man (droiD)

Welcome to the Jungle:
Appetite for Destruction(quaren)
It's so Easy (zooalt)

Cool Hand Tosh (droiD)
Jailhouse Rock (droiD)

Ghost of a Chance:
Dominate Tricks (Thrive) Control the Ultra to kill the marines and then the Thor at the bottom.
Total Protonic Reversal (droiD) One nuke should be able to take out all enemies and the Psi-Indoctrinator.

Rebellion Missions

The Great Train Robbery:
Bully the Bullies (Tony Campolo)
Silver Streak (Tony Campolo)

Minesweeper (Tony Campolo) Lay one more mine near the enemy medic.
Solitaire (Moody512)

Engine of Destruction:
Kicking Asgard (Tony Campolo)
Ragnarok & Roll (Skater)

Media Blitz:
Seek & Destroy (Tony Campolo)
Blitzkrieg (Skater)

Piercing the Shroud:
Not So Brutalisk (TO_slide)
Lock and Load (TO_slide)

Artifact Missions

Smash and Grab:
Rock Solid (droiD)
Hit and Run (Moody512)

The Dig:
Drill Hard (Psyfe)
Yippee-ki-yay (MonoxideChild) Scanner sweep the buildings and use the laser to destroy them.

The Moebius Factor:
Alive Inside! (Moody512)
Hard Core (zooalt)

Cool Running (KeepYaCoolBro)
Shock 'n' Awe (psyfe)

Maw of the Void:
I Have the Power (Tony Campolo)
Master of the Universe (Tony Campolo)

Prophecy Missions

Whispers of Doom:
Stalker Delight (Thrive)
Merely a Flesh Wound (Noel Vermilion)

A Sinister Turn:
Out for Justice (MonoxideChild)
Maar-ked for Death (TO_slide)

Echoes of the Future:
Army of One (KeepYaCoolBro)
Overmind Dead Body (TO_slide)

In Utter Darkness:
Blaze of Glory (Moody512)

Final Missions

Gates of Hell:
The Big Bang Cannon (Noel Vermilion)
Dominion Roundup (zooalt) Drop a mule-e on the target locations.

Belly of the Beast:
Unbreakable (Tony Campolo)
One Shot Fifty Kills (quaren) Send Stetmann into the zerg and use T when they're most cramped up.

Shatter the Sky:
Demolition Man (Tony Campolo) Send all units straight for the reactor. You don't need to escape.
Speed Too! (Skater)

All In:
Aces High (Skater)


Tactical Command (zerodj) This has two more gamesaves in it but they turned out to be bugged, so don't bother trying to use them.

Psionic Assault (TO_slide)

Opening Gambit ('Neuro)

Rush Defense ('Neuro)

Feat of Strength

You'ze so Crazy (sKyToM)

The Scenic Route (Teliko)

Monster Mash (Teliko)