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    Silverlight has had an astounding leap of success in it's last 4 years. In terms of penetration, I don't see reaching the 100% marker (an idealistic number, but it'll do the job) to be the issue. I feel the world has already begun accepting the dual presence of Adobe's & Microsoft's RIA platforms. I'm curious, however, from a developer stand point whether or not people will jump on the Silverlight sooner or later.

    Here are a few interesting links in regards to Silverlight statistics:
    Silverlight Usage Statistics
    Silverlight Market Penetration Fragile Development
    Rich Internet Application Statistics

    What do ya'll prefer for developing as of now? Do you see yourselves moving over to Silverlight? For native .NET users this is hardly a question, but for the Flash-loving gurus out there who have spent the last few years of their lives dedicated to this platform what are your thoughts?
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    My company conducts training on Adobe and Microsoft courses.Recently there have been a few demand for Silverlight courses. Not many, just a few.
    This serves as a small evidence that a few companies (your job) is slowly accepting silverlight.
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    I certainly hope it isn't successful, Microsoft has a worse track record than Adobe with security and keeping their platforms up to date. HTML5 needs full adoption and then both can die a painful death (as they should).
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    MS officially stopped developing Silverlight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gamepin126 View Post
    MS officially stopped developing Silverlight.
    Holy **** is this gamepin trolling? No effing way.

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