Hey guys,

This is serious for me so please if anyone could help I would appreciate it. So anyways, here is the deal, I am working with gel pictures of gels that I produced myself and I have this program that scans pixel intensity and helps me determine enzyme activity. Bottom line is: I really need this program to complete my lab report that is due Tuesday. I thought I could get my hands on a demo for 1 picture but those bastards won't give me the code saying too many requests from my region... Can anyone help me by pass the programs security? It really should not be that hard I estimate.

For your convenience I placed the demo of the program here:


save it to a folder, than execute it.

The picture that I need this program to work with is:


I am going to try artmoney to scan for boolean changes int he memory in the program as i play with it, maybe one of them determines if it is registered or not...

Thanks again everyone