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Thread: Colossus and Reaper Space Bug

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    Default Colossus and Reaper Space Bug

    This bug is pretty amusing... if all the exit points for a robotics facility or barracks with tech lab are blocked, colossi and reapers can exit into space or onto the map's fringe! Works for all maps, all kinds of terrain, as of November 26th.

    I tried it personally, and it works amazing.

    However, Blizzard always has to put a damper on our fun and as source one now states:

    BE WARNED. BLIZZARD CAN BAN YOU for exploiting an already known glitch.

    Using this glitch in multiplayer can GET YOU BANNED.

    Please refrain from abusing this glitch.
    Use at your own risk in ladder.

    StarCraft 2 Colossus and Reaper Bug pictures - Photobucket


    Scrap Station - Prax vs. Player 2 - Replays -

    Blizzard: Colossus Glitch - Forums - StarCraft II
    Colossus bug
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    Pretty sure there is nothing in the EULA about using a glitch "by accident" and getting banned. Just don't use it every game and you're golden
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