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Thread: some CALLs OllyDbg not able to follow?

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    Default some CALLs OllyDbg not able to follow?

    Hi, when I use F7/F8 (Step into / Step over) to trace actions in OllyDbg

    Occasionally I encountered some ASM commands ODB not able to follow.
    After I started to pay some attention to this recently, most of them seem to be CALL XXXXXX commands, the ODB would just stop at that line when I press F8.

    ODB keeps running but the game is still frozen. When this happens I have to restart ODB and the game, quite annoying

    Any idea what's causing this?

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    if it happens you can always just set a manual breakpoint on the line after the call. Restart and wait to see when it breaks. Might be waiting for input, or the screen to be re-activated before it returns. Does olly say the program is running after stepping over? Do step into's always work? I know olly has a setting to turn step into's into step over's if calling a known winapi function.

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