Ok first off id like to say this forum's administrators and moderators are real programmers and I have never been more satisfied with the results here than any other forums please take a moment to read this to coop with me and share my frustration with stealthbot's low IQ and non intelligent people on their forums. This will help for all of us to better understand why I am asking this question here rather than at Stealthbot.

My original post on the Tech Support forums of stealthbot was simply this.
"I am having problems with keeping bots and unwanted guest out of my stealthbot channel using the IPban function on them and they are still getting in even with IP banning enabled. I was wondering if anyone had a script of plugin for stealthbot which would allow a more advanced form of banning on users aside from simply their gamer tag."
This is the responses I get from moderators and admins. LOL!
PALE YOU CANNOT GET AN IP OF A USER IN STARCRAFT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. (This was after I already hit f12 in oblivion to get it a million times to find people who were changing names and joining my games to figure out who they were)

Ok now to the real matter at hand.
Thanks to the great work of the programmers here we are able to obtain the ip address in game and no longer have to search the SCLOG's by date to find them, but how can I figure out a way to really IP ban the users because I tried .ipban johndoe for example and all he has to do is use a cd key changer or make a new name the next day and get back in. Any ideas or even thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone knows how to manually edit the Stealth bot configuration files to do some sort of blacklist on ip's manually PLEASE let me know. I understand we are limited with resources due to the fact that stealthbot in its original state is not capable of doing really what I am asking, but theres a way around everything and thats been proven here a million times
If not possible now its something to keep in mind for the future !
Thank you all so much for your time and dedication I laugh in the face of the people on other forums after reading these forums and seeing the amazing things people do on here compared to other places. Its like you all are ahead of the rest of the gamer forums by like 20 years.