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Thread: Confessions of an economic hitman

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    It's assigned reading for class this summer term. I read a chapter in it and I cannot believe what it's talking about. Taking over countries, overthrowing governments, assassinations. Here is a video that we had to watch as well. I would embed it but I don't know how to embed google video.

    John Perkins - Economic Hitman. Zeitgeist Addendum SPANISH SUBTITLES

    What do you all think of this? I am still trying to wrap my head around this stuff. Call me naive or whatever but I honestly had no clue anything like this was going on. At the end it talks about wal mart and otehr companies being more powerful than entire countries.

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    And what class is this?

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    Take some of the stuff from that video with a grain of salt. I'd suggest doing some fact checking. But for the mosy part, the concepts of which he talks about are very true and very powerful.
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    I've read most of it, its pretty crazy. Really interesting, I was barely able to put the book down. Its extremely well written too.

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