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Thread: A file encryption program

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    Default A file encryption program

    I'm currently trying to learn C++ and I decided to make something useful, but easy. I came up with a file encryption program. This program will take a file read it and output an encrypted version without changing the original. It works on .txt files and .exe (tested on starcraft.exe) files so I assume that it will work on anything. The 30 character key means that you can rest easy that some one is going to have to really want your files to get into them. (I don't know if it is possible without guess and check witch only leaves a little more than 255^30 possibilities if I understand it correctly)

    I don't know how useful the program will be, but I do encourage trying to find bugs. Finding a bug will give me a chance to improve the program and my abilities to program. So please report any you find.

    If you want a challenge you can try to crack encoding on the extra text file. Please brag about it if you crack it. (I hope it's not to easy making me look stupid and cocky). While your bragging just don't give away the contents of the challenge. Instead PM me what you have and I'll credit you in a post and a mention in this one.

    I'm sure that many others here could do it, but I'm proud of finally making something useful (kind of).
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    Since I received such a great response from the first version (crickets chirping) I decided to add a ton of features. Now the program can be ran entirely through command line arguments (which gave it drag and drop capability), puts the output file in the same directory as the input file, has the capability to use a file as a key (the actual contents of the file), a summary of the actions taken by the program, and a fancy new name spot for me. The most noticeable new features, path completion for output file and asking if you are using a file key, can be disabled in the settings file (the program builds it if it can't find "settings.txt"). Sadly the "place in same directory" option only works when using command prompt to start the program.

    This version is completely compatible with the first version.

    please leave any bug reports or suggestions in this thread (or in the download thread if this one becomes closed)

    One question. Would anyone like an option to do batch encryptions?
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