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Thread: Half-Life Full-Life consequences

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    Default Half-Life Full-Life consequences

    I'd be surprised if you haven't already seen these but..

    Half-Life: Full Life Consequences

    Half-Life: Full Life Consequences 2: What has Tobe done

    And the last two:
    Half-Life: Full Life Consequences: Hero Beginning (HD)

    Half-Life: Full Life Consequences: Free Man
    YouTube - Half-Life Full-life Consequences: Free Man (HD)
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    Im sorry how could you even finish watching the first vid :(

    I dont get it at all...

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    The point is that some 12 year-old made fan-fiction about HL2 that was absolutely terrible. And someone made a dramatic reading version of it and it was funny which then led to the first video.

    Being familiar with HL2 and somewhat familiar with GMod helps. The last video is a lot better than the first two and the third is good too but in order to understand it you have to watch the first two. But I still think the first two are very funny regardless... if not stale from me watching them so many times, Heh.
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    i dont think anyone here is going to understand those although i did lul at teh first vid
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