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Thread: Summer Slaughter '09

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    Default Summer Slaughter '09

    Anybody else go to this / planning to go to this?

    Here in Edmonton Behemoth was supposed to headline instead of Suffocation, but they couldn't get into the country so I was pretty happy about it.
    Unfortunately, Decrepit Birth was ousted too.

    Ensiferum and Dying Fetus were probably the best bands playing, Origin was fantastic minus the singer, and Necrophagist played absolutely perfect, their set sounded like they were just playing their albums out of huge amps.

    Also, Black Guard was absolute ****, their guitarist was incredibly sloppy and the bassist looked like a jackass.

    Overall, it's definitely worth the <$40 for a ticket, especially if you like crappy deathcore bands.
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    Too bad I don't like death metal.

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