Although we have made or two changes to the way in which users should be uploading their hacks and other files, you needn't be alarmed as it's still pretty simple. Here's how it works:

1) Click on the DOWNLOADS link in the top naviagation bar.

2) Hit "add"

3) Name your file, the author, and write a description including what the hack is, how to use it and any necessary system requirements.

4) Choose to either post a direct link to your file or upload it directly from your PC. Hit Add File and lo and behold; you're done!

You should be aware that all new files are Moderated and need to be approved by a staff member at GameThreat before being made public. This is for the security of our members and shouldn't take long.

Also, if you come across a file which you believe to be malicious, outdated, or simply fake and not-working; please use the Report Post feature and we'll do our best to remove the file as quickly as possible.