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Thread: New File Added: 1.16.1 Starcraft Build Anywhere Hack

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    Default New File Added: 1.16.1 Starcraft Build Anywhere Hack

    Downloads: A new file has been added by Arcanite:

    1.16.1 Starcraft Build Anywhere Hack

    Created by: ViperSRT3g

    Simply inject and you will be able to build anywhere on the map while stacking. (At least if your worker can reach the location).

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    build anywhere ? why can't work to me ?

    i like play "use Map setting " like 5 vs 3 computer! i use Protoss can't build anywhere

    in the game need type "command"?? or not.

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    You can only use this hack on UMS maps that allow stacking, such as Spawn Defense, New Stack Defense, etc. Using this, you will be able to build anywhere, even on terrain you normally can't build on, so long as your worker can reach the area.

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    since i need winrar to open this i downloaded winrar but it says something about how winrar is an unvalid win32 application. and help on how to fix?

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    oblivion alrdy has this feature, or at least last i checked it did, oh well, nice hack
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