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    Default Infraction and Ban Information

    When you receive an infraction or a warning, you will receive an automatic message from the staff member that gave it to you. Please do not complain to them, they're simply enforcing the rules. If you feel that the situation was mishandled, feel free to use the private messaging system or email to speak to one of our administrators.
    Infraction Definitions:

    A warning will appear as a yellow card in the corner of a post. This means that a moderator has warned you for breaking site rules. A warning is a 0 point infraction, and will not contribute to automatic punishment. Warnings let moderators communicate to you that you are breaking a rule, and similarly, they tell us that you have already been warned if you continue to break that rule.

    An infraction is like a speeding ticket, you'll receive a certain amount of points for each infraction, and after enough points have accumulated in your record, you will receive further punishment.
    Types of Punishment:

    Mod Preview: 3 Points

    This is the basic form of punishment, usually due to cumulative infractions. If you are under Mod Preview, your posts will not appear until a moderator approves them. If you continue to break the rules with your posts, not only will they not be approved, but you will most likely end up with a more severe punishment. Consider a Mod Preview to be your last warning to shape up.

    Posting Disabled: 7 Points
    Being Posting Disabled is a form of temporary ban issues by a moderator or automatically after 7 infraction points. As the name suggests, you will not be able to post. This punishment may also be handed out indefinitely to repeat offenders. The difference between Posting Disabled and being Banned is that you will still have access to your account features and be able to view the boards.

    Temporary Ban:
    A temporary ban is a manual form of punishment for users who continue to break our rules. These bans will often last several months, and during your ban you will be completely locked out of your account.

    Permanent Ban:
    If you are unlucky enough to receive a permanent ban, you are not welcome at Gamethreat any more. Obviously, we cannot stop you from reading the forums, but you will not be allowed to rejoin the community.
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