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Thread: Flame Board Rules.

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    Default Flame Board Rules.

    Since there's been confusion in the past about which rules still apply here, here they are:

    • Be sure to search for other recent, similar threads before posting your own.
    • DO NOT NECROPOST! This is posting in really old threads. Check the date before you post in a thread that you found by using the search feature or similar threads list.
    • No referral links are tolerated. This includes links to free iPod offer sites and things of that nature.
    • Do not post obscene content, including (but not limited to) pornography or mutilation. A profanity filter is in place, as well. Do not bypass this filter.
    • Posts containing pointless one-word acronyms or short phrases are tolerated in the flame board to an extent, but will not be tolerated if excessive. (A good general rule of thumb, is not to spam for the sake of spamming. The flame board allows extremely loose and unrestricted communication, but excessive spam is just retarded and senseless and makes it difficult for anyone to enjoy anything about the board, and also spams the "new posts" function, so it won't be allowed.)
    • Do not double post. There is an edit feature.
    • Do not make threads to beg for hacks.
    • Do not post material that violates copyright laws, including (but not limited to) warez and cracks.
    • Do not abuse the reputation system. You may not ask to receive reputation or threaten others to give you reputation. Abuse of the reputation system will result in the removal of all reputation points.
    • Do not attach enormous images to posts that distort the forum layout. Doing so will result in the picture being removed, and you will be punished.
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