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Thread: general unit hacking and some more

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    Default general unit hacking and some more

    Hi everyone,

    What I post here is not a real tutorial, but it is better described as alot of information about hacking starcraft, it contains info about units and some example savegames, there is even a hack included.

    I originally posted this at, but I think that bwhacks is a better place.

    (Tested with broodwar: version 1.16.1, so if this information isn't correct make sure that you have the latest patch).
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    Very nice Creative offline hacks are always the best to see in my opinion. Anyway I was reading some of the lists you made and it looks like you've spent at least a few hours on those notes... great job.

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    Looks interesting.

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    Nice, thanks for sharing


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    Default Update tutorials

    I updated my tutorials at

    Here is the link :

    The World of Game Hacking

    Now I added a stack-hack tutorial. And a reveal map tutorial and a patched executable for more larvas.

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