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Thread: How to Use GMail as a virtual drive

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    Default How to Use GMail as a virtual drive

    Gmail gives 7 Gigabytes of mail storage and counting but who ever really needs all that space? Well you can use that space a file storage system.

    download and install GDrive: - GMail Drive shell extension

    you can now access gmail accounts from your computer for file storage.

    extra steps:
    add a filter to get rid of the mess. GDrive will use emails to virtually store the files, You can easily setup a filter/label system to keep them out of sight when you don't want to see them. to do this:
    First go to GMail->Settings->Labels and create a new label named FileStorage
    Next go to GMail->Settings->Filters and click create a new filter. set subject to GMAILFS and check has attachment.
    Then Click next step and check skip inbox and also check apply label and select FileStorage.
    Click Create filter and your filter will be setup.

    You can now access your files from your computer through a virtual drive called "GMail Drive" You will need to have it log you into your account. You can either do this each time you open it or tell it to always log into a default account. And then move and copy files like you normally would. If you want to see your files from gmail itself you can goto your FileStorage Label and view them that way.

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    SixStyles anyone?

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    didn't they have this when gmail first came out
    but then google changed something that broke it?

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    Its always possible to use like a virtual drive, simply by attaching the file and sending it to yourself. Gamepin had one of the largest Warez bases by doing this on a few accounts, then when you need something he'd just give you the info and you get it yourself. We also utilized this occasionally on, along with various other methods of music distribution.

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