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Thread: [Anti-Trojan/spyware] CWShredder

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    Default [Anti-Trojan/spyware] CWShredder

    CWShredder | Anti-spyware Tools Download | PC World

    Even if your PC has Ad-aware and Spybot Search & Destroy, you still can't stop some versions of an insidious and virus-like pest called CoolWebSearch. Fortunately, a Dutch student who goes simply by the name Merijn wrote a tiny free tool called CWShredder that specializes in removing dozens of CWS variants. InterMute bought the program and now maintains it as a standalone download and bundled with SpySubtract Pro. The following link downloads the standalone version of CWShredder.
    'tis useful, and free
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    Thanks. Any reason why it doesn't update?
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    Default Using it

    I am already using it for months
    Its good

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