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    it has been a while sence i played on starcraft, i use to make maps, i made the original cat n mouse, but i started playing again and saw that ppl have figured out how to cloak bunkers, i like the idea of that and my head started to spin, next thing i know i am laying out a new map idea, but when i tryed cloaking the bunker i couldn't i even looked at some of the maps and copyed the triggers to do so but every time i try it sc just crashes, how do i cloak buildings and units with triggers.


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    Disable Doodad State I think.
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    How do I make cloaked bunkers buildable like in Tower D? by hidiho2
    Use SCXE.

    * Locations you need to create:
    o "Supply Follow". Only needs to be big enough to fit one supply depot. Doesn't matter where this is placed.
    o "SCV Wait". This is an area on an island where SCV's can be temporarily moved to. It needs to be large enough to hold all the SCV's for all players.
    * Trigger 1
    o Players:
    + (Players you want it to happen for)
    o Conditions:
    + Current player commands at least 1 Supply Depot
    o Actions:
    + Center location "Supply Follow" on Supply Depot] for (Player you want it to happen for)
    * Trigger 2:
    o Players:
    + (Players you want it to happen for)
    o Conditions:
    + Current player commands at least 1 Supply Depot
    o Actions:
    + Remove 1 Supply Depot at "Anywhere"
    + Create 1 Bunker at "Supply Follow"
    + Teleport (move) all SCV for (Player you want it to happen for) to "SCV Wait"
    + Wait 50 milliseconds
    + Create 3 Marine at "Supply Follow"
    + Execute AI Script "Enter closest bunker" at "Supply Follow"
    + Wait 200 milliseconds
    + Disable doodad state for Terran Bunker at "Supply Follow"

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    Nice post Jim, thanks.

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