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Thread: Improve your computer's performance...

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    If he posted a new thread, you ****tards would tell him to use the search function. I really ****ing hate the endless argument over necroing to using the search. Because in this case the info doesn't answer his questions, but it is relevant to the topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bilago View Post
    yep alot of new information worth necro-ing. [/sarcasm]
    And where in your quotes does it tell me how it will effect HDD life?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatzull View Post
    And where in your quotes does it tell me how it will effect HDD life?
    Where in his post does he say anything about your question?

    Also, a first try google search seems to answer your question pretty straight forward:
    Disable Windows Page file, save your hard disk - instant fundas

    And if you're worried about HDD life, get this:
    HDDlife Pro Review and Download,Disk Management,File & Disk Software

    Quote Originally Posted by Dyndrilliac View Post
    Seriously, I have done a lot of drugs. A lot of ****ing drugs. I would snort a line of cocaine off a piss stained urinal in some truck-stop dive with my closest friends and family looking on in disgust before I took anything from somebody I didn't know and trust. That's just ****ing dumb.

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