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Thread: I really would like some help

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    I really would like some help

    I'm just learning how to program hacks and so far everything I make causes me to crash and I really would like some help. I get REALLY tired of all the idiot 14 year olds with too much time on their hands. After so many money hack fueled zergling rushes and being told "U R a N00b, I pwn YoU" and "Suk My Cock Faggot, I is 1337" and stuff, I start t get pissed off. If someone could help me, I personally feel these idiots are ruining, and with no doubt, such *******s will progress to starcraft 2 when it is released.
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    No hack begging.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GAME_ON View Post
    No hack begging.
    Infract him then, because you are obviously a moderator because only moderators are allowed to moderate. Right?

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    Default I'm not begging

    Quote Originally Posted by GAME_ON View Post
    No hack begging.
    I'm not begging, I'm just saying I could use some help. As I said, people who act like this (greifers) ruin the game, and I haven't been able to find one online that didn't require me to pay like $20 a month for membership to use it or something like that. (I'm a bit short on cash at the moment, trying to save up so I can move to AZ to be with my GF)
    oh, and thanks for defending me nova, +rep ^_^
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    Drop hacks are not allowed here, and would not solve your problems anyway as you would just become one of those idiots.

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