Ok I know 3d max does not have a lot to do with web development but I have used it to make some really nice graphics. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to simulate cloth.

1. in your top view create a rectangle shape 160x160 and 0 corner radius.

2. next right click your shape and convert it to a editable spline

3. next click on segments and click the break button. Now break up each side

4. next go to your modify panel and in the drop down menu find garment maker. give it a Density value of 0.325 or you can use the default value if your machine is slower.

5. next we will add the cloth modifier. in the modify panel find the cloth property. next click on the object properties button. a dialog box should appear, this is where we will add the cloth values to our rectangle.

6. before we start close the properties box. Create a box. click the create panel and click the geometry button. create a box 40x40

7. next go back to your cloth and click the object property's button.

8. You will see your rectangle in the left corner. click on the rectangle and at the top of the dialog box click the cloth property. give it a preset value, I gave mine a cotton property, but you can experiment with others.

9. next click on the add objects and you will see your box01 click on it and click the add button. this box will be our collision box so the cloth does not fall out of the screen

10. give the box a collision property and in the Depth and offset box give it a value of 2.0.

11. next lets simulate the animation. under cloth forces you will see, simulate local, simulate local(damped), and Simulate. click Simulate and you will see a rendering box appear as well as your rectangle animate.

12. you will notice when your garment falls it over laps a little. to fix that in the cloth properties under Simulation parameters. you will find "self collision in the box put a value of 2 and check the box also check solid collision.

13. hit the Erase simulation button, and re hit the simulate button. Thats it, you have now learned how to create cloth in 3d max if you have any questions about this tut or would like to know more let me know Cheesy

MySpaceTV-Videos: cloth von NATE

Thanks nate