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Thread: National Geographic documentary on starcraft

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    Default National Geographic documentary on starcraft

    Thought i would share this here. Its kind of deceptive because the name is "world cyber games" but national geographic made a documentary on starcraft and south Korea.

    i found a youtube preview thing here
    World Cyber Games - AOL Video

    If you want to watch the whole movie i would suggest doing a google search for
    "national geographic world cyber games" You will be suprised at the results.
    Go to the Beginning . . . Continue till the end . . . when you get to the end, stop.

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    I love, and hate watching things like this. It makes me sad to know no matter what I do I could never be that good. Also sad that I was not brought to life in SK. Then my addiction to starcraft would not be an addiction.

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    I've seen bits and pieces of this but haven't seen the whole thing yet. I know at one part the narrator says "gazillion"

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