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Thread: Playing without Lan LAG!

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    Default Playing without Lan LAG!

    How do I play with my cousin in the same house? We use the same internet connection, And when I try to play with him, me, and someone from bnet it lags, But just me and him is fine. I want to play like a 2v2 with me and my cousin against other people but it just lags.. How do I fix this? I'm using a wireless router

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    If you would have looked in the very forum that you created this thread in, you would have seen these two sticky threads. They are stickied for a reason.
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    Thank you, But its very hard to understand, Not the post, me. I can log in to my router fine, But can someone give me personal help on how to do this? With Aim or MSN

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    there is also a very usefull search option to search this site to see if your question has been answered before. you should use that more often.

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