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Thread: Oblivion support thread v3.1.0 (Old Posts)

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    The color code I mentioned before,
    It's useful to return the color to what it was before.
    Why would I want to do this instead of using the previous color?

    Because I like to return the color, not set it and hope that it was the previous color.

    If nothing else, implement a way to add hex-codes to spoof names?
    \xFF would add 0xFF perhaps?

    Also, if you do add this part, remember to restrict 0x00, otherwise people would complain "my name gets cut off when I use \x00", lol.

    What's more, I'm sure some noob is gonna go like "hey \x01 is the same as \B! cool" lol... just implement some way to use that color code.... :/


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    With "nuke anywhere" I can Aim Nukes Anywhere on the map where I want?

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    Dumb question: I downloaded the link provided and it saved as an "EWF" file. I googled ewf and oblivion and searched all over the net and cant find a damn thing on this. I can't open the file with anything, whenver I click on it nothing happens. Sorry if this question has been asked before but I do not have the time to read through 25 pages. I've never used hacks this is my first time.

    Can anyone please help?

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    shouldn't save as an "EWF" file should be zip. try changing the extention to zip or redownloading.

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    I tried that and it doesn't work. The link says "", and right click, save as, and right there in the download window (before it even downloads, when I select "download") it shows the file name as "OblivionV310.1.321C02". I tried adding ".zip" to the end as well as deleting the ".1.321C02" and replacing it with ".zip" and nothing works, it stills shows it as an "EWF" file under properties...

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    Nevermind. Got it. I had to go under properties and "unlock" or something. After that is let me extract the files. Thanks for the help.

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