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Thread: WMV to GIF Converter?

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    Default WMV to GIF Converter?

    im searching for a WMV to GIF converting program that is free, i keep googling and installing various programs that either dont work or make me have to buy it before it can save the GIF. anyone that knows of a program like this off hand would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm absolutely sure that if you put

    wmv to gif converter

    into google that there would be zero results.
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    Well, I have never heard of software capable of converting windows media video into separate frames, although if you can find a wmv-quicktime converter, then you can just open it up in a program like image-ready and your good.

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    Noobs, 3rd link down from what I googled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamepin126 View Post
    I'm absolutely sure that if you put

    wmv to gif converter

    into google that there would be zero results.
    tell me you are joking?

    Xghozt I said i found programs that can do it already, just not Freeware, this is a shareware program that leaves a watermark and only converts a certain amount of a file.
    As the free trial, a watermark will be added to the converted video, and the conversion is limited to 2 minutes per file.
    EDIT: Ok i found that Super C converter does WMV to GIF , works great, also does any movie file into a gif
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