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Thread: Anti Cheat System for SC2?

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    i hope there are no hacks except map hacks.
    Originally Posted by Pcreme
    my best stoner moment would have to be the time me and my friend were walking from my dealers house, and we see my other friends, who are all ecstasy fiends, driving their volkswagen van 60 MPH THROUGH A PARKING LOT , BUMPING TECHNO HELLA ****ING LOUD, an then they try and take a sharp turn and the van TIPS over cause theres too many people in the car. noone was hurt but it was EPIC FAIL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guy476 View Post
    What kind of anti cheating system do you think Starcraft II will have?

    Who knows maybe they will even get punkbuster for it
    I bet it's the most wicked bad-ass setup that has ever been seen. Dude, remember, it's Blizzard...the customer-pleasing company They wont disapoint you.

    My signature is back!! Hell YES!

    Click the link, I DEMAND YOU! :-D

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    Another game ruined by the community.
    I can't wait to see the kind of traffic this site is going to get when SC2 is released.

    Btw, I wonder if someone's job in Blizzard is to monitor this site all day.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lil Javi View Post
    HAHA! u should somehow involve a bj in that though! now that would impress me!

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    Trust No one. >.<

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    hmm damn they have cought on.... ill need to change my name once more....
    Quote Originally Posted by Aberrant View Post
    Ya, because it would be so hard to hit a moving blob of 20+ people.

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