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Thread: Infraction for el-camino-ss: driving a sucky car

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    Default Infraction for el-camino-ss: driving a sucky car

    Post: The Official Car Thread
    User: el-camino-ss
    Infraction: driving a sucky car
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    Administrative Note:Message to User:Original Post:
    Ok so there was another car thread except it was lame!
    Post some pics of your car, tell the specs, show a site or w/e.
    I know theres some good cars out there, I know redrum has a nice car he should show. Maybe this could be another cool sticky if you guys post enough!

    Heres my baby, Toyota Tercel, gets about 32 mpg! I dont care what the site says lol. I have a kenwood stereo that pushes 45 watts along with an amp under my seat that pushes 120 watts, 280 watt sony speakers. Only 4 gears :-p.

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    Default Infraction Reversed

    This infraction has been reversed.


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