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Thread: life changing decision plz help ol stonerpimp

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    Quote Originally Posted by ston3rpimp69 View Post
    sup doods i need some advice on what could be a life changing decision for me :(

    see like ive been livin with this chick for a while right. i think shes cheatin on me. not like using the wtf hax n shiz, but like shes bangin some other dood. sometimes the phone will ring and i pick it up and they hang up wtf. shes always goin out and says shes goin wit the girls and i ask what girls and shes like oh you dont know them theyre from work and im like wtf you dont even have a job. like sometimes she comes home in a taxi but it drops her off way down the street and she walks a few blocks home and she says its for exercize. an the other day i picked up her cell phone to see what time it was cuz i dont have a watch and she all started goin total pms on me and said to never touch her phone again n shiz..

    well i dont wanna just come out and call her a fukcen crazy cheatin bitch or nothin cuz i could be wrong, but last night she was goin out again and i like crept outside and was hidin behind my car to see who was pickin her up cuz the drive ways like on a hill and i can see pretty much the whole street. and while i was crouched down behind my car i noticed there was some paint peelin off my bumper

    so should i take it to a body shop or could i go to a local auto store and get some stuff to do it myself?
    The relevance to this supposed story is all to familiar with the commonly made 'for instance' situation as if your girl-friend was cheating on you.

    If you're going to mask an overtold story behind improper grammar then you're really not trying hard enough. Perhaps a session with the ultimate grammar man Saranwrap will contribute to the currently horrible excuse for a forum topic.

    Kthxbai misstr phatman.
    Nature Of The Humans Is Never Giving

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