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Thread: Common B.Net Misconceptions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murk
    Common misconception #4498717

    What people are doing with "hacks" isn't hacking. It's tweaking. Hacking would be stealing someone's account, not spoofing your name to replicate his/her's.

    This is of course pointed out to those who are debating about peoples' skills as "hackers" whether it be of a lesser nature, or greater.

    Granted yes, the slang is referred to as "hacking", but when you mention ArtMoney.. well...

    Since we are all "hackers", math shouldn't be a problem.

    2 me a hacker is a person who hacks into credit card servers and goverment places not a person that creates a 3rd party program to a online game. These people do make online games more fun tho , damn NOOBS

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    who are you calling noobs? lmao

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    [QUOTE=someoneod]who are you calling noobs? lmao [/QUOTE

    Your the noob but u jus won't admit it gandalf the noob rofl

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    Default Well lemme take a swing at it...

    1. Im not sure if it works but f4, is a refresh button. Ive heard the myth since 1.05 on sc.
    2. Someone said the unally self, couldn't be done. Wrong , i ahd a hack that allowed me to simple type a command in and it unallied them, along with a maphack you could see the player start to kill his self.
    3. Spike hack huh? Awsome, if you look at my post about the impossible being possible, might give you an idea.
    4. The blue gem in the middle of d2.. Proven i add, click it it adds to your mf. Get a mf counter, look at your totall mf w/ just gear. Then click gem, Look at totall mf. Its higher.
    Common Misconception:
    1. A player without any wins isnt always a newb.
    2. A player who does bad in a game isn't always a newb. We all have off days. Also sometimes people have a life, have something else to do, and can't play sc all the time and start to slip.
    3.Bsing isn't a crime. Itsa dispute between two or more people. Dont take bsng to its annoying. Not to mention arrogant, being as they wont do anything about it. (nowhere in the EULA does it say that you can't backstab)
    4. pwning, pwned and pwn. Is no where close to Owning,Owned or own.
    5.Beating a clan leader doesn't make you eligible to be the leader...
    6. people think one win makes them the best.
    7. Being good on fastest is nothing compared to being good on non-money maps.
    8. Winning a 4v4, is nothing compared to winning a 1v1.
    9. Cannon rushing, ling rushing, or zealot rushing doesn't make you good. also wether or not you can rush doesn't make you better than another player.
    10. Long post such as this get on peoples nerves.
    11. Flooding a lobby channel is grounds to be banned, and hated.
    12. There isn't and cannot be a best player. Just like science theories, a new one always arrises.
    13. If the lag screen pops up and shows everyone else, it doesn't mean you have the best connection, it means you have the worst, and youll soon be dropped.
    14. Extra high latency doesn't speed the game it simply smoothesgame flow, and increases the reaction time between your clicks, therefore slowly but surely slowing your strategy and gameplay.
    15. If you try and try and still suck, your not meant for sc.
    Thx, I have many more, but I my post getting lengthy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodyBlade
    5. Before you learn a programming language, learn the english language.

    6. Never bug a hack creator to give you a hack. Asking once is bad enough, do not beg.

    7. If a hack is private, its private for a reason. You will not recieve a private hack by asking. The only thing you will do by asking for a private hack is look like a ****ing idiot.
    where can i learn the computer language? i don't ask for private hacks i look for them online.

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    HELP HELP can someone teach me the language? or at least give me some advice to how i can find it?

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