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Thread: Nuclear Profileration

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    Default Nuclear Profileration

    What is your guys opinion on allowing (or disallowing) countrys (particularry the smaller ones under threat) to stockpile Nuclear ordinances and Long Ranged Missles (ICBM's , Scuds , etc).
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    If countries like Israel deserve to have nuclear weapons, every other country in the world does. What gives us the right to say who can and cant have nuclear weapons, every sovereign country has the right to develop nuclear technology.
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    Since the past Israel was under attack by her neighbours. Its only natural that she deserves a nuclear missle. It was like 'Dont mess with me or else...'. For Israel's case its a better defence.

    When a sovereign country develops nuclear missles, it will become a threat to our own country. For example, if the reckless Saddam have control over a nuclear weapon, he will not hesitate to attack the middle east.

    If we dont act fast and someone destroy our country's defence with the missles, they invaded our land and thats it. There is no second chance.

    We have the right to remove weapons from strangers who could cause harm to our children. A country is like a home.

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    Without country's such as them stockpiling on these weapons, the diplomatic countrys like the US would not be allowed to legally research into technologys that are superior to them.

    Or at least without hiding it.

    I say who cares, let the world get blown over, just shows the idiocy of mankind is even more putrid then I have previously believed.

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