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  1. O ya hey man, can you fix this from crashing with oblivion? Or can you pm another hack that is like oblivion with near same features, so I can use your hack? Cause if not I can't use both... Thx man
  2. And the crashes when joining a computer spot? I figure thats a pretty easy fix.
  3. just read the "readme.txt" of the commands and where u can use them. If you type the commands in like "/bl add" and "/bl nadd" as is they will display how to use them.
  4. Ok yeah man thanks. That helped. Lol the version posted here is outdated. And is there no way to like in game lobby do /list then from the list like /bl 4 or 5 or w/e? and if I blacklist say namehere, if I type /bl namehere does that auto ban his ip forever too? Thanks for the hepl

    And it also crashes, when you try to take the computer spot, like in CHW if you open the computer, it crashes
  5. well what version are you using? 4.3 is the latest can be downloaded here Ghoztcraft [Gaming Made Easy] - Downloads | Starcraft Hacks | Diablo II Hacks | Warcraft Hacks | WoW Hacks | Counter Strike Hacks

    if it still crashes then pm me the error log in the starcraft directory.
  6. Hey man your blacklist crashes when i load it, especially with oblivion, they appear to not work... even without obliv tho it still crashes upon start of game... Let me know
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