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  1. Ok!
  2. *loads gun*
    Says "Damit Die"

    Ok, more users. More hacks and ****.
  3. *loads gun*

    Im working on it, I have 17 users! You get more people to me site.
    I'll make more hacks.

    Okay, Okay!
  4. Kills You. Are you ready?
    Updated site. Go to it
  5. Ok, You needs to sign up. Okay.
  6. Ok, Can i kill you?
    see my site: The IDustin Community - The IDustin Community and sign up!
    Do It, Im working on a new hack.
  7. Sure, If you want.
  8. Yes. Now can i kill you?
  9. I'll kill you with my 12 Gage. Is that ok?
    Wazz up? Fire1337?
  10. I kill you, Ok?
    It is ok to kill you, right?
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