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  • Upgraded to the latest vBulletin (v4.2.5)

    Yes, I am actually staying on top of maintenance and keeping things running smoothly guys. Upgraded the forums to latest vBulletin 4 and fixed a couple things.

    Let us know if you see anything off or broken and I will take care of it when I can.
    Just a note: Probably not going to fix any skin issues, but if you let us know, they may be fixed eventually.
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    1. D@rekills4's Avatar
      [email protected] -
      Everyone moved to XenForo.

      Maybe it's the nostalgia talking but old school vBulletin still feels the best.
    1. Irene's Avatar
      Irene -
      vbulletin 5 connect exists around the same time as XenForo. It's made to support mobile devices with wordpress features such as widget drag and drop. However I could feel the lag and discomfort to use vbulletin 5. VB 3 / 4 is still the best, it has in-depth template editors and plug-in integrations.