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    I'm happy to have upgraded the site to brand new Vbulletin version 4.0. As you can see, we're still missing a good logo/banner. That's where you come in. Participate in our logo contest and earn $30 now!
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    1. Trazka's Avatar
      Trazka -
      Great. Finally this site looks nothing like the original bwhacks...
    1. hypn's Avatar
      hypn -
    1. NickF's Avatar
      NickF -
      I miss the old Vbulliten already
    1. Ranged's Avatar
      Ranged -
      Quote Originally Posted by hypn View Post
      this is ****ing crap!
    1. NickF's Avatar
      NickF -
      Calm down, ranged. Don't **** your pants on us
    1. Perma's Avatar
      Perma -
      Good to see that we made the change. The latest version offers quite a few useful features, but it'll be a little bit tough to get used to. Overall, I like it better. Get those banners coming, guys!
    1. Greek's Avatar
      Greek -
      I wish this black skin was more...black.
    1. han_han's Avatar
      han_han -
      Damn I'm so not used to this...
    1. Phrostbite's Avatar
      Phrostbite -
      Wow. Talk about major change.
    1. hba's Avatar
      hba -
      So this is what it's like to die, the white light at the end of the tunnel.

      I want the blue/gold or red/black back plz kthxbai.

      Or a skin on this version, whichever comes first. :D
    1. Eppie's Avatar
      Eppie -
      I refreshed the page and I was like "WTF!?!??!".
    1. xChinChillax's Avatar
      xChinChillax -
      welcome to battlehacks.com
    1. test-acc's Avatar
      test-acc -
      oh i thought the site was just down, but my bookmarks were all messed.

      im going to keep an open mind about the change, i think its a good idea so far and i love the new features. just need to get used to it and hope i can navigate around easily!
    1. Cantinflas's Avatar
      Cantinflas -
      ohhhhhhhhh my god. what is this? where am i? God? is that you?
    1. DA('s Avatar
      DA( -
      Oh, how the times have changed.
    1. MiCrOz's Avatar
      MiCrOz -
      Too bright, need more black
    1. Lil Javi's Avatar
      Lil Javi -
      Hmmm.. so this is y i couldnt log in last night! well i can learn to adjust to this! Looks like u guys did a very good job.
    1. RedSandSasori's Avatar
      RedSandSasori -
      Needs more Gamethreat to it. Not the usual vBulletin "Blah" color scheme.
    1. punture's Avatar
      punture -
      This is so.. plain.
    1. el-camino-ss's Avatar
      el-camino-ss -
      WTF IS THIS ****!!!!!!!