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10-23-2005, 03:41 AM
Can't believe nobody has posted this yet...

Sorc - Sorceress
Barb - Barbarian
Necro or Nec - Necromancer
Pally - Paladin
Asn or Ass - Assassin
Zon - Amazon
Dru - Druid

Big D or D - Diablo
Andy - Andariel
Meph - Mephisto
Pindle - Pindleskin
Dury - Duriel
Uber Brothers - Uber Diablo, Uber Baal And Uber Meph


Sorc skills
Tele - Teleport
Orb - Frozen Orb
Blizz - Blizzard
ES - Energy Shield
TStorm or storm- Thunderstorm
FW - firewall
LM/CM/FM - lighting, cold and fire mastery
Gs - glacial spike


Skelly - Skeletons

WW - Whirdwind
BO - Battle orders

FoH - Fist of Heavens

Valk - Valkyrie

LF - Lighting fury
DF ? Dragon Flight
BOS ? Burst Of Speed

Magical effects
DR - Damage reduce
Mf - Magic find
ED - Enhanced damage or enhanced defence
IAS - Increased attack speed
Eth - Ethereal
P - Perfect
PSN - Poison
OW ? Open wounds

Nigma - Enigma
Hoto - Heart of the oak
Coh - Chains of Honor
Cta - Call to Arms
Botd - Breath of the dieing
Hoj - Hand of justice
Fort ? Fortitude

BK - bul kathos (bk ring)
SS - Stormshield(monarch shld)
TGODS - thundergods belt
Shaft - Shaftop (armor)
IK - Immortal kings set
TALS - Tal Rasha Set
TRANG - Trang Oul Set
SOJ - Stone of Jordan
Sigs - Sigons Set
HoZ - Herald of Zakarum (pally shld)
Nagel - Nagelring (for mf)
Manald - Manald Heal
Dusk ? Dusk shroud (used for Runewords)
BB ? Balrog Blade (tis crap :) )
Occy ? Occulus (sorc wep)
Shako ? Harlequin crest (the green shako with +2 skills)
Gaze or vamp ? Vampire Gaze
CoA ? Crown of Ages
Zerker ? Berseker Axe
Cryptic ? Cryptic Axe
Rends ? Steelrends (gloves)
Homun ? Homunculus (necro shld)
Seraphs ? Seraphs Hymn amulet
Torch ? Hellfire Torch (large charm obtained by killnng ubers in trist)
Anni ? Annihilus (sc obtained by killing uber d)
Imps ? Impshanks
GF - Grandfather colosus Blade

Commonly used
Wuw - What you want (used in trades)
Wug - What you got (used in trades)
Np - No problem
thx or ty - Thanks
lol - Laughing out loud
Brb - Be right back
IMO - Im my opinion
IMHO - In my humble opinion
omg - oh my god or oh my gosh
OMFG- oh my freaking gosh or god ..bleh
g2g - Got to go
ISO - In search of
STFU - Shut the Fook up
ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
WTF - What the fruit :P
PP - Party please
GJ - Good Job
Woot - Im a retard look at me im happy
ASAP - As soon as Possible
FT - For trade
lmao - Laughing my ass off
Afk - Away From Keyboard
Noob/Nub/Newb ? Newbie
GG ? Good game or Goddly circlets
PC ? Price check or computer
PvP - player vs player
PvM - Player vs monster
Pker - player killer
Pking- player killing
h4x- hacks
Tg- town guard
AA - auto aimer
Hp - health points
E-item here or runeword here - etheral
SC - softcore of small charm
Hc- hard core
Wp - waypoint

10-23-2005, 04:31 AM
Can't believe nobody has posted this yet...
because everybody arleady knows what they mean

10-23-2005, 07:17 AM
No .. newb don't

10-26-2005, 12:00 PM
After 5 years, noone really needs a maphack or a key to abriviations IMO :P theres one right there.